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mars 11, 2021
The City of Helsingborg
mars 15, 2021

Vybild tagen från Kärnan över Stortorget, Rådhuset och Hamntorget med färja i Sundet.


Computer Vision will help make Helsingborg a smarter city

Leading Swedish Computer Vision company Univrses is deploying smart city technology in The City of Helsingborg.

Vybild tagen från Kärnan över Stortorget, Rådhuset och Hamntorget med färja i Sundet.

The smart and sustainable city was in focus as a pioneering new data acquisition system was deployed in the south of Sweden. Helsingborg, a city at the forefront of Smart City innovation, has joined forces with Univrses, a world-leading company within Smart City technology. The goal of the collaboration is to improve city operations and deliver better services to the city’s population. The tool that will be used to reach this goal is called 3DAI™ City, a ground-breaking computer vision system developed by Univrses for tracking and monitoring urban environments. Over the next few months, The Company will carry out a deployment demonstrating the capabilities of their system on the streets of Helsingborg.

The deployment of 3DAI™ City will begin in the spring of 2021. Mobile devices equipped with Univrses’ Computer Vision software will be deployed onto waste management vehicles operating on different routes in Helsingborg. As these vehicles are given sensing capabilities, they will harvest the city for relevant, actionable and anonymized urban data while carrying out their everyday services. A constant stream of real-time data on features such as road damage, traffic flows, road works and pedestrian density will be accessed by the municipality.

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Univrses and The City of Helsingborg will have a close collaboration throughout the project. When the deployment of the 3DAI™ City starts, the urban data that is gathered will be presented to the municipality on the web-based dashboard, enabling the people in charge to make better decisions. The vehicles that will harvest the data are provided by NSR, the organization in charge of waste management in the northwestern part of Skåne.

Jonathan Selbie, CEO of Univrses, says: “Our collaboration with Helsingborg and NSR is a perfect example of what Smart City development is all about: Cities working together with developers to solve real-world problems in society. We are very excited about partnering up with these two innovative organizations, and we look forward to demonstrating the benefits of 3DAI™ City to the world.”

H22 City Expo

Univrses will be a partner as The City of Helsingborg hosts H22 City Expo, May 30 – July 3 in 2022, an international event exploring innovation and sustainability in smart cities.. During the 35 day-long event, Helsingborg will be an innovation arena for cities, businesses, academia, associations and residents. Visitors to the H22 City Expo will be able to see the cutting-edge technology behind 3DAITM City firsthand as well as enjoy demonstrations of other exciting innovations for the smart, sustainable cities of the future.

Andréas Hall, Development Engineer at The City of Helsingborg, is excited about the collaboration: “We are very happy to be working with Univrses to gather relevant urban data to improve city operations and create urban environments that best serve the residents’ needs in Helsingborg. The city’s innovation initiative H22 allows us to use the whole city as a test bed for exploring new and smart solutions. In the first step, we will use the data to do an inventory of the city’s road signs.”

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3DAI™ City – Univrses’ Smart City platform

The unique technology that enables this project is called 3DAITM City. By deploying a smartphone onto a moving vehicle, large amounts of timely, relevant and actionable city data can be captured. The data is accessible through Univrses’ web-based dashboard. As Univrses’ team of scientists and expert engineers continue to develop The Company’s proprietary algorithms, new areas of use will be explored for 3DAITM City. The technology introduces a new paradigm in Smart City monitoring and management, and it has the potential to change urban society as we know it.

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About Univrses:

Univrses is a Stockholm-based Computer Vision and Machine Learning company. 

The technical focus is in areas like 3D Positioning, 3D Mapping, 3D Localization, Spatial Deep Learning and Sensor Fusion. Univrses has collaborated with several leading Swedish companies including Zenseact, ABB and Husqvarna. 


About The City of Helsingborg

Helsingborg is Sweden’s eighth biggest municipality, located in the southern parts of the country with a population of close to 150 000 inhabitants.  The municipality is one of the best in Sweden when it comes to investing in technological innovation. The H22 initiative demonstrates the innovative willpower in The City of Helsingborg.


About NSR

NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB) is responsible for waste management and recycling in the north-western part of Skåne, Sweden. The organization is owned by six different municipalities, and their mission is to contribute to clean and long-term sustainable societies in the area.



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